Our Vision: A World Free From TB

Each year TB kills 1.5 million people; 9 million new cases are diagnosed and more than 3 million people do not receive the care they need.
This is unacceptable - TB is preventable and curable.

How we work

Our work is based around three key principles:


We have taken high quality diagnosis into some of the world's poorest countries. In Timor-Leste we have helped nearly 2,000 people receive high quality testing.

Treatment and Support

We ensure that people living in poverty receive the right treatment and are then supported to endure the treatment. We train local people as health workers to provide practical and emotional support to individuals and families affected by TB


Our investment in a world free from TB is education, novel, exciting and non-traditional engaging ways to inform people and communities about TB, its symptoms and where to get help.

We spend just £10 per person on average to deliver our lifesaving work.

Our Impact

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Our Annual Review is also available.

100,235 people (56,390 male, 43,845 female) were referred for TB diagnosis