Our vision: a world free from TB

More than 9 million new cases emerge every year and 1.5 million people die. Yet they die needlessly, because TB is preventable and curable.

TB is not a disease of the past - it is right up there alongside malaria and HIV/AIDS as one of the world's biggest killers. 

What we do

Our mission is to stop vulnerable people in Africa and Asia dying from TB by improving access to information, treatment and  care & support. 

Our strategy

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Our impact

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Brighton Half Marathon February 2015

Are you taking part in next year's Brighton Half Marathon? Do you want to recoup the cost of your place? Raise funds for Target TB - and we'll cover your cost of entry! Find out more...

Two Hands to Target TB

Do what you love to do AND change the world! Help us put the cure for TB into the hands of health workers by using your two hands to fundraise £340 by 24th March, World TB Day 2015. Read on...

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We spend just £10 per person on 
average to deliver our lifesaving work

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