TB is the leading cause of death of HIV positive people in the developing world, killing up to half of people with HIV/AIDS worldwide. Individuals are increasingly living with HIV, but dying from TB.

An HIV-positive person is at least 20 times more likely to develop active TB than an HIV-negative person. Unlike HIV/AIDS, TB is completely curable in the vast majority of cases, including people with HIV/AIDS.

Meet some of the people we have helped. 

Mwasana is HIV positive and suffered from co-infection with TB in Zambia. She was stigmatised not only by her neighbours but also by her family. They just didn’t understand about TB and they believed dangerous myths about both diseases. We helped her to recover from TB and to be better able to cope day to day with family life.

£710 funds the purchase of a motorbike, and one years running costs for essential transport of tests