Our Values

We believe everyone has a right to good health; we are committed to equal access to health services for all

We believe in holistic approaches to TB control which address the health, social and economic impact of the disease as well as challenges relating to TB-HIV co-infection and the emergence of drug resistance

We are committed to strengthening existing health systems and support National TB Programmes as well as the World Health Organisation’s DOTS approach

We believe in working with local people to develop locally appropriate responses to improving TB control


We value the diversity of our partnerships and believe that openly sharing information and learning is crucial for developing best practice and scaling up a high quality response to the TB epidemic

We value and respect the skills, experience and dedication of all of our partners, staff and volunteers

We believe good governance and transparency is vital for ensuring accountability and effectiveness throughout our work

£710 funds the purchase of a motorbike, and one years running costs for essential transport of tests