Theresa in Timor-Leste

Theresa in Timor LesteTheresa lives in Timor-Leste, an island now independent from Indonesia but one of the world’s poorest nations. She lives with her baby daughter in an isolated, rural village.

When we met in 2010, she told us she had been sick with TB for a long time and was too weak to look after her family. At first, she went to traditional healers but their advice was useless. Theresa wasted away to 31kg.

It was her mother in law who knew of Klibur Domin clinic, elsewhere on the island. This clinic is a medical life-line that we support with your help. Despite Theresa’s ill health, together they walked 20 long km to the nearest road. Then they took the bus for another 60km, just to reach the clinic and get help.

Staff quickly diagnosed Theresa with TB. Her condition was so poor that she was admitted as an in-patient. Because of the long, difficult journey back to her village home, she had to stay on a specialist ward for months. But she is finally getting better,  and is looking forward to seeing her daughter again.

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