Zuze in Malawi

zuzewebZuze Malias lives in the small rural village of Komba in Malawi, he is a farmer, supporting his wife and 6 children.  When he developed a bad cough, which he thought would just pass with time, but it didn’t.  He started losing weight and feeling weaker, he was struggling to keep up with his work on the farm.

During this time he attended a community meeting, where our volunteers were educating people about TB and he recognised a lot of the symptoms they described.  He spoke to one of the volunteers who took a sputum sample from him and sent it off for testing.  When it came back positive he was admitted to hospital for two weeks of intensive treatment, and when he returned home his family barely recognised him as he had re-gained all the weight he had lost.

He has strictly adhered to his treatment, his family and friends have been very supportive and now fully cured he says he feels stronger and fitter than ever before.

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5,228 people have been cured of TB in Tamil Nadu and Jharkhand