Janaki & Clare visit Tamil Nadu

What is it like for our staff when they go overseas to meet with our partner organisations? Our blog gives a few snapshots.  Janaki, Target TB’s Finance & Office Manager, went out in the field in India for the first time. Here, she joins our Programme Officer, Clare, as together they undertake a robust review of one of our grass-roots partners in India, The Blossom Trust, and scope out a new TB project.

‘Our morning begins with us being presented with fresh flowers for our hair. What a lovely way to begin the day! Reeta and the other ladies at the Blossom Trust fuss around us clipping the flowers in the right place and then leave us to our breakfast. Clare and I set up a picnic area in her room and set about investigating the multi-layered tiffin carriers presented to us. Idli, chapatti, coconut sambal and lentil curry! Wow!’ Read the full postcard…

When in Tamil Nadu…Clare from Target TB and Reeta from The Blossom Trust

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