They Won The Fight

We are extremely grateful to the Ugandan filmmaker, Joel Isababi Nsadha. Joel forged a connection with Florence and Hamis – he sat down with them and listened to their stories. He says ‘They are very strong hearted and resilient people’. Now he wants to share their stories with others and help to raise awareness about TB. The entire film was created with still photographs and audio from conversations. See more of Joel’s work here.

Target TB and our Ugandan partner, International Medical Foundation, supported Florence and Hamis through their illness. They Won the Fight.

In our ‘Touch Namuwongo’ project in Kampala, Uganda, we work in a sprawling urban slum community. Here, life is challenging enough – when TB strikes it can push people even deeper into poverty. In this film, Florence and Hamis, talk about their lives, how they coped with TB and they look to the future.

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