Our Work

Our Approach

Target TB works with a network of local partner organisations in Africa and Asia, to reach out to some of the world’s poorest people who bear the heaviest burden of TB on their already vulnerable lives.

Three distinctive approaches underpin Target TB’s work:

1. Community-based TB control through civil society partnerships:

We recognise the significant role that local communities can play in supporting TB prevention and treatment efforts. We build long term partnerships with indigenous civil society organisations to bring TB information and services to the heart of some of the most difficult to reach communities.

2. Focusing on the most vulnerable communities:

We concentrate our efforts on reaching the most vulnerable and marginalised people who need our help most, for example tribal groups, people living with HIV, dalits, slum dwellers, women and children.

3. A holistic response to support communities affected by TB:

Through gaining a thorough understanding of both the medical and socio-economic determinants and consequences of TB, we aim to deliver more holistic programmes which bring about long-lasting improvements in TB control and the lives of people affected.


Target TB focuses its work in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, in countries and regions with some of the highest global TB burdens.

We focus our efforts on areas with the poorest performing TB control rates, where government health infrastructure is weak, and where there are few or no other NGOs operating.

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5,228 people have been cured of TB in Tamil Nadu and Jharkhand