Civil Society Partnership

Community based TB control will remain Target TB’s niche area during 2012-2015, through working in partnership with indigenous civil society organisations which share our vision, mission and values.

Global TB stakeholders, including the World Health Organization and the Ministries of Health in the countries in which Target TB works, endorse community-based TB approaches yet often lack the resources to enable meaningful engagement with local communities. Target TB helps to bridge this gap through partnerships with organisations working at the heart of communities affected by TB.

Together we build linkages between health services and communities, for example by training local volunteers to become a vital additional resource in helping people access information and services close to their homes.

Target TB believes that through building local ownership about TB and supporting context specific approaches a more sustainable and effective response will be achieved which ultimately delivers improved health to all who need it.


£710 funds the purchase of a motorbike, and one years running costs for essential transport of tests