Holistic Response

Through gaining a thorough understanding of both the medical and socio-economic determinants and consequences of TB, and working directly with affected communities and local stakeholders, Target TB plans holistic programmes which bring about long-lasting improvements in TB control and the lives of people affected.

For example people’s living and working environments can increase vulnerability to TB. TB can spread quickly in over-crowded and poorly ventilated homes, and textile factories can create high risk conditions for workers due to cotton fibres in the air damaging people’s lungs.

Without addressing these broader risk factors in the TB response, vulnerable people in high TB burden communities face a constant threat of infection and ill health from TB throughout their lives.

TB not only affects the person with the disease, but the whole family. In response to this Target TB’s community based programmes incorporate a broad range of care & support activities for the whole household, providing clinical advice, psychosocial counselling and practical and economic support to help prevent ill health from pushing whole households further into poverty.

Treating TB and reducing people’s vulnerability to TB is vital to enabling people to return to productive lives, benefiting themselves, their families, and their communities long into the future.

living conditions

Living conditions

working conditions

Working conditions


Food & basics for whole families

£21 funds an awareness-raising street drama for 20-40 people