Training Grassroots NGOs in Research, India

Target TB and its Indian partners Maharashtra Association of Anthropological Sciences (MAAS) and Development Action Consortium Trust (DACT) recently completed an innovative collaborative project to train grassroots NGOs in Tamil Nadu on research.  The attached report highlights our experiences and documents how such training can enable NGOs to strengthen the quality of their health interventions and take a more active role within the policy process through having a sound evidence base.

Target TB’s Strategic Plan 2012-2015

During this 3 year period Target TB has ambitious plans to expand its lifesaving work in Africa and Asia and to raise the profile of TB as a global emergency that demands attention and action.


Empowering communities to prevent and treat TB, Zambia, 2012

This five year project was implemented in 5 districts, across 3 provinces of Zambia by Zambia TB and Leprosy Trust (ZATULET) in partnership with Target TB.  This project was funded by Big Lottery Fund, 2007-2012

Campaign for the Education, Prevention & Treatment of TB’, India, 2012

Together with the Blossom Trust Target TB has just completed a three year project in Virudhunagar District of Tamil Nadu. This project was funded by Big Lottery Fund 2009-2012

TB in urban slums, Uganda, 2011

This report summarises the findings of a needs assessment study conducted in 3 urban slum sites in Uganda with our partner IMF. The study assessed the dwelling and socio-economic determinants of TB amongst slum dwellers and mapped out the facilities and barriers to accessing TB care for these inhabitants. Funded by Comic Relief.

Integrating TB and Maternal and Child Health Services

More than 3 million women and 1 million children are affected by TB every year. Millions of children are left orphaned due to losing one or both parents to the disease. Despite these statistics, TB is somehow forgotten in maternal and child health (MCH) services. These case studies bring the issues to life.

Target TB’s international partners meeting, 2010

During Target TB’s strategic planning for the period 2009-12 we asked partners for feedback on how we work together. All expressed a keen interest in meeting with each other to share ideas and learning. A meeting was held between 14th and 17th September 2010, at Ideal Beach Resort, Mahaballipuram, Tamil Nadu. 23 participants from 12 partner organisations to Target TB, from across 6 countries (India, Malawi, Timor-Leste, Uganda, United Kingdom and Zambia) were present. This report shares learning and recommendations from that meeting.







£21 funds an awareness-raising street drama for 20-40 people