India has the world’s largest TB burden with an estimated 2 million new cases every year (26% of the global burden of new TB cases worldwide).

Due to the vastness of the country, there are large inequalities in India and this is reflected in TB incidence, availability of health services, and treatment success between States.

Target TB is working with 6 partners in different parts of India to improve TB information, treatment and care for some of the countries’ most vulnerable communities:

Theni District, Tamil Nadu

Together with Arogya Agam we are delivering a 4 year project collaborative project with AID India, funded by the UK Government. The project is providing information about TB and health rights to the most vulnerable and marginalised communities, including the very poor, women, people living with HIV and dalits.

Virudhunagar District, Tamil Nadu

Together with the Blossom Trust has just completed a three year project  ‘Campaign for the Education and Prevention and Treatment of TB’. Read all about this project’s achievements and learning in our evaluation paper.

Tamil Nadu, state-wide

DACT has just completed a two year project in collaboration withMaharashtra Association of Anthropological Sciences (MAAS) to build research skills and capacity amongst grassroots NGOs in Tamil Nadu, India.


Target TB is working in partnership with Alternative for India Develoment (AID India). AID India is working collaboratively with Target TB and Arogya Agam on the UK Aid funded project to promote equal access to TB health services in India. We have also recently started a new 4 year project to improve the health of indigenous tribal communities, by tackling two life threatening diseases together – TB and malaria.


Target TB is working in partnership with Raphael and AKS Hope. Raphael’s in patient facility provides high quality medical support and care to TB patients from mountainous rural communities in Uttarakhand State. Recently Target TB and Raphael have received funds to build a new ward to treat drug resistant TB, a much more expensive and difficult to treat form of TB. AKS is working in the slums of Dehradun to provide access to TB prevention and treatment to slum dwellers.

India has a population of 1.8 billion and is one of the world’s fastest growing economies. Yet more than 42% of the population still live below the povertyline and 37% of adults are illiterate

Despite it being preventable and curable, almost 1,000 people die from TB every day in India

One of the greatest challenges in India is Multi-drug Resistance (MDR-TB)

Just 5% of MDR-TB patients are currently accessing treatment

Read our paper

Learn more about our project with the Blossom Trust, which cured nearly 5,000 people of TB and put over 1,000 newly trained volunteer TB carers into poor communities.

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