A country of just over 1 million people, Timor Leste is one of the world’s poorest nations. After an armed struggle against Indonesia for independence, the country has been left crippled with poor infrastructure and high levels of poverty.

Such conditions have enabled TB, a disease of poverty, to flourish and Timor Leste now has the highest rate of TB in the whole of Asia.

Target TB has been working with Klibur Domin to support community based TB prevention and treatment in rural communities of Timor-Leste since 2003.

Through training community volunteers and local nurses, Klibur Domin brings TB health education and access to diagnosis and treatment to a population of 63,000, living in remote areas with high levels of poverty and TB.

Over the next 2 years we will be introducing new initiatives to reach out to some of the most vulnerable groups – providing preventative therapy to stop TB infection in vulnerable children under 5 and reaching pregnant mothers with TB information and services through linking up with immunisation camps.

Klibur Domin also runs the country’s only dedicated Multi Drug Resistant  (MDR) TB treatment facility and Target TB is working with Klibur Domin to provide high quality care and support to MDR-TBpatients to maximise their chances of treatment success from this difficult form of the disease.

Our work with Klibur Domin is part funded by Bupa International


Timor-Leste has a population of 1.1 million people, of whom 37% live on less than US$ 1.25 per day

49% of the adult population is illiterate

44% of Timor Leste’s population is under 15

Children are more likely to get more severe forms of TB, including TB of the brain, which may result in permanent brain damage and require specialized care and support

£21 funds an awareness-raising street drama for 20-40 people